Personal and Digital Inventory for 2013

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In the past year countless choices have been made, relationships forged, and for the first time ever, much of what we’ve accomplished has been recorded digitally.  personal inventory and digital inventory While the future is certainly exciting with the “next big thing” trending around the corner, by examining the past, you’ll start to piece together your own trends and behaviors and draw conclusions to build with for next year.

In a digital world, there’s no hiding from the ripple effect of our actions. Both the good and the bad leave ripple effects across spacetime and the digital cosmos. For some it’s been an exciting roller-coaster of success, while for others, 2013 is looking more promising. Whichever the case may be, the outcomes are set in a digital record based on the actions you took, people you met, and the communities you played a part in.  It’s a sight to behold when you take the time to look at your entire digital fingerprint from status updates to photos, videos, blogs and comments.

There’s a lot to be learned from the past because we’re creatures of habit- In order to break out of our comfort zones we have to analyze our trends and the motives that got the ball rolling. Since I know you have a Facebook, take the time to see your 2012 Year in Review and the wider trends from across the web. Absorb it all and meditate on how the seconds of each and every day can come together and form such powerful change. Then turn to the future and focus that powerful message of change on your current goals and ambitions. What are you truly capable of?

For some, 2012 was a year of failure and pain. From unfathomable greed  to monstrous terrorism, a few paved paths of destruction and hurt thousands. In their wake, these moments in time highlighted the unyielding power in each and every one of us. Where such negative influences are found is the power to realign. Out of the ashes comes an equal but opposite force to make the world a better place. For instance, think of the community that came together to give a struggling father a Christmas celebration for his children , or the police officer giving a homeless man a pair shoes  While these small examples pale in comparison, they add up to something greater when emulated by all.

From personal hardships like tuition bills and food money to global epidemics like genocide and war, there a varying degree of what matters and what can be done to better our lives. From the large to the small, think about all the changes we can work towards in the next 365 days and let’s make them happen. When we look back this time next year, we’ll be glad we did. Starting today, there’s many ways you can begin to make a difference. Here’s one (United Way Sandy Hook School Support Fund)

Tell me about you goals for 2013 in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Flickr user flatworldsedge


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  • First off – thanks for using and crediting one of my images to illustrate; really cool to be a part of the post. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a pretty stunning 2012′ so here’s to working hard in the hope of making the most of 2013, whatever it might throw our way.

    • Ryan Connors

      Thankfully the world didn’t end today, so 2013 is looking good. Thanks for sharing your photos on Flickr I really think they’re great Matthew.

  • Hi Ryan

    I am here from Lisa’s post.

    My Goal is consistently perform to the best of my abilities for the next 375 days(365+10 of this year). I really like your blog and hope to see you more.

    Congratulations on being in top 13 upcoming blogs on LISA’s list.



    • Ryan Connors

      Thanks for visting and letting me know about Lisa’s post Sapna. That’s amazing and I’m honored to be listed 😀 I just set up a google alert so I don’t miss any future mentions.

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